Micro-Memoir #4 – Reaching for the Topps (excerpt #2)

Still lots more revising and editing to do…

Excerpt #2

I was relieved to find no one else at the table.  In fact, the inventory looked unchanged – no cards had walked off in my absence.  All I had to do was focus on what was there, keep a careful eye on the bottom line and quickly suggest prices I’d be willing to pay since that was apparently expected.   Not particularly adept at mental math, I decided that I would skip my grandmother’s opening question and would employ the rule of one half.  Whatever the labeled price was, I would offer to pay half – or as close as my math challenged brain could approximate.  My mind quickly flashed to the image of me walking out of the hall with a wheelbarrow full of baseball cards followed by my grandmother bragging to anyone who would listen how gifted I was as a negotiator.  After this day, she’d be asking for my help when buying antique lamps.  And Steve would finally look at my baseball card collection without a pitiful chuckle.