What do you guys think…

What do you guys think of inviting current members of the Writing 101 class to join the Writer’s Hub? Fresh blood and all that?
@loreenmcdonald, @pricelessjoy, @whisper2scream, @anyone else who cares and/or has gatekeeping abilities 🙂
If no, that’s fine. Just thought I’d bring it up…


Blogging 101 suggested a regular feature.

Here’s mine. Thoughts on the format? Do you think I should use a different size or style of font to differentiate the Q and the A, or is it ok as-is?


Realised Fairy Tale (part three)

It’s been a crazy few days and so my writing time has been divided into bits and pieces. It makes me worried that this is too choppy. The seams don’t feel smooth. Or perhaps I have just read and reread it too many times.
What do you think? Disjointed? Suggestions.

Please Read This

Have you ever had a thought or have thoughts in your mind that just wouldn't go away? Such thoughts that persist until you act upon them?

This remind me of Michelle's (Hope the Happy Hugger) latest blog post which is a picture of her cat, HRH, titled, “The Look.”

In other words, thoughts DEMANDING your attention? I have been having those 'demanding' thoughts the past several days and today I finally put them to rest.

I have changed the name of my blog again, (hopefully for the last time).

Please meet my new blog title:



@whisper2scream, or anyone else (just…

@whisper2scream, or anyone else (just assuming W2S will know), I tried inserting a “read more” tag in my post via the toolbar, and it shows up in my draft but not on my actual post. Is there something more I need to do (other than clicking the button)? Thanks in advance, as always, for the technical direction. 🙂 Missed ya!


Can you see my post? (this is a test)

The Hub Challenge #3: Picture This

Many thanks to @jademwong for this idea.  In honor of the Photo 101 course that WordPress is currently running, she thought it might be nice to go visual with this challenge.  The idea is to attempt a “free writing” exercise.  Free writing is simply a matter of putting fingers to keys and typing what comes to mind.  Try to avoid the urge to jump back and revise or edit in the moment – just write.  In fact, you get a free pass on typos and grammatical bugaboos this time around.   Just work on pushing out the ideas that are swirling about in your brain.  Deadline:  November 15th

The Prompt:  Select one of these photos and free write about it.  The Twist:  Try all three photos.



source – www.aisaonline.org



source – www.sfmoma.org



source – travelchatter.dailymail.co.uk