What do you guys think…

What do you guys think of inviting current members of the Writing 101 class to join the Writer’s Hub? Fresh blood and all that?
@loreenmcdonald, @pricelessjoy, @whisper2scream, @anyone else who cares and/or has gatekeeping abilities 🙂
If no, that’s fine. Just thought I’d bring it up…


Sorry to post the whole…

Sorry to post the whole thing here, but I like my original better. This is exactly 750 words; does this work, @pricelessjoy?

Hey guys, better late than…

Hey guys, better late than never right. Here’s my assignment for this weeks #DearMe.
If you do have time to check it out, I’d like to know:
1) Was there any fluctuation between past and present tenses? It has been an issue with my writing.

2) do you think it needs more ‘tightening’, more use of bolder or strong words?
Thanks in advance 🙂

Micro-Memoir #4 – Reaching for the Topps

Greetings Hub Members –

Here’s a link to the full version of my 4th micro-memoir.  I’m interested in any feedback that’s offered and specifically anything regarding:

1.  Length – do I drag things out too much

2.  The epilogue – do the final 2 paragraphs add value?

3.  Sentence fluency – some of my sentences run a bit long and complex in an effort to inject a bit of humor (for example – At 98, my eyes fell on the most colorful card in the bunch and I reached for it with the determination of someone choosing something for reasons other than its pretty color.)  Are they too hard to follow and make the reader tired?

Many thanks.

Hello Everyone! We apologize for the delay

People are anxious to get this website rolling, and I understand. I ask that you be patient.  Some of the administrators are traveling this weekend and do not have regular access to the internet. whisper2scream will be putting out something tomorrow (Monday for the United States).  And, I believe your (and our) wait will be worth it.

Our apologies for this delay.

The Art Contest

OK…I think it’s time to drop a piece of writing into this new pool…and let’s see if it sinks or floats. This does not come from the recent course. Rather, it’s one of a selection of micro-memoirs that I wrote a few years ago but never shared with anyone. I’ve published two others on my blog thus far and just finished revising this 3rd one. Personally, I think the opening is weak, but then I think it picks up a bit of steam later in the piece. If you choose to read it, please feel free to be critical with your feedback…my skin is thick. (And a shoutout to @pricelessjoy for her work on getting invitations out…twice)


Hi Everyone! Welcome to the new Writers’ Hub

Just wanted to let you all know who the adminstrators are of this site:


I also want you to know that I am new at this, so please bare with me as I learn. Happy Writing Everyone!

Priceless Joy