Hello, all!

I haven’t been here in AGES! Mostly due to: 1) no electricity or internet, and 2) too much work.
I have been desperately trying to stay on top of NaPoWriMo.
I thought you (if anyone is still out there in Writer’s Hub Land) might like to read my
EARTH DAY poem. 🙂
What do you think? Does it give you the feel of the forest? Needs to be danker and mustier?
🙂 Happy Earth Day.


Attention: All poets and wanna be poets:

NaPoWriMo, or National Poetry Writing Month, is an annual project in which participating poets attempt to write a poem a day for the month of April.
Check it out: http://www.napowrimo.net

Undiscovered Laureates

A sort of a whimsical piece, but I wanted to convey a deeper message.
Does that message come across?

The Finale! Realised Fairy Tale (part six)

Well, here it is . . . the conclusion.
I decided to end the piece where I did and then tack a postscript to it.
Does that work? Should I have worked the postscripted-part into the main body?
It is good to revisit these stories from time to time, and writing it out has been quite a blessing.
Thanks for sharing it with me.

Realised Fairy Tale (part five)

Hmmm. This reads like a travel guide. (San Francisco holds a special place in my heart. Magic happens there!)
Does the long saga of the exploration of the environs detract from the story?
If you have never been to SF, can you still appreciate the tale?


Just saw this now. My goodness!

(sorry it is not what I am supposed to post here, but such astonishing literary news!)

Realised Fairy Tale (part four)

I originally thought I could write this story in one piece. Then I thought maybe two or three. Here I am on part four, and not finished yet! I am sorry to be so long-winded! I just felt that I had to tell this part of the story.
I do feel a bit “exposed” in this section, but it helps set the stage.
It goes further back in time. Is that confusing? Do you think it fits? Too much background info? Style feels different. Can you still hear my voice? Sigh.