Hi, on this site, every time someone comments on my post or likes it, I get an email about it. In order to turn it off, the discussion settings need to be changed and I don’t have access to that. Can an admin plz change that setting? I don’t like receiving so many emails.


Sharing my poetic mind from…

Sharing my poetic mind from yesterday. Tried something new with Dried Lips.

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Live Chat at Writer’s Hub

Hey all, would you want a chat box inserted on this site? I can help get the embed code and you’ll be able chat live w each other. I am not sure how well it’ll work though. I have been testing it for a few days n finding mixed results. Let me know if you are interested in experimenting.


Hi all,

I finally managed to sit down with myself and finish the dear me challenge by the deadline. Here it is: http://wp.me/p1OEbC-5e


About me? Excuse me? lol

Hey all,

So yesterday, I finally took the courage to post the full version of “About me”. I wrote this about 2 years ago and thought that it was totally insane to have to describe myself in words. At the back of my mind, I still think that it’s crazy but I think I want to get more comfortable in describing myself, whether it be on a piece of paper or in front of someone. I mean being awesome is nothing to be ashamed of, right? 😀 hehehe I am so glad we have this hub to share these kind of things. Thank you, hard working admins!!

Have a good evening!! Logging off to focus on writing. As per today’s daily post, I should choose my book over everything. Will try my best! phew
IshKishMish ❤

Hi, Where is the description…

Hi, Where is the description for the the six letter story prompt? I see people are posting replies but I can’t find where this challenge is posted.