I, for one, have been missing you all. With the holidays (and Writing 201 Longform — where I completely failed! and NaNoWriMo — which I completely ignored) The Writer’s Hub has been pretty quiet. While we wait for the next writing course (which I think will start later in January), let’s have a “challenge!”

whisper2scream has continued his “Song of the Day” postings throughout the festive season. It has been fun to listen to his “SofD’s” and read the stories. I have been introduced to some new (for me) artists and even used a bit of my Christmas iTunes gift-card to purchase some great additions to my music library.

I would love to hear about your favourite songs . . . and the stories behind them. Not so much the stories of the artists and how they came to write/sing the song(s), but more about what the song means to you. Music is a powerful medium. How has it touched you?

You don’t have to feel bound to any particular form. Share your song in a poem, essay, memoir. Just please include a link to the song (YouTube, SoundCloud, the artists’ website) so we can listen while we read. 🙂

Have fun! And welcome to 2015!