Micro-Memoir #5 – Full Version

Here’s the full version of micro-memoir #5:  Tweedle Dee (and the Other One)

Feedback requests (please don’t feel a need to respond to all…I’ll take anything) –

1.  This is about two of my childhood friends.  The lead suggests that we’ll focus on one of them, but it turns out to be the other.  Is that a problem?

2.  The ending comes up fast and feels rushed.  Do I need to ease into the pool a bit slower?

3.  This is my adult self writing about my life as a pre-teen.  Does the voice work without compromising the quality of the writing?

4.  Am I kidding myself that anyone would care enough about the budding of a friendship to want to read 3000+ words about it?  (please don’t let the number scare you)

This piece is dedicated to two of my blogging friends who need a boost…@vakunzmann and @laurabecknielsen.  Hang in there, ladies.