Join the “Friendship Tea” on my page

It will be a pleasure to read and savor your poetic taste

Blog Event – “Friendship Tea”
We are nearing the end of this Edition “blogging101” – September 2014.
To say it was so good with the Community is “Let’s Celebrate”
Now extended to the WRITERS ‘HUB
YOU are Invited to the special “Tea for Literature.” Join!
Tea in Literature is open to all. Their presence will grace the event.
In the warmth of fellowship guests should bring a gift: a flower.
Share with sweet flavors of literature (TEA choose what sounds most like you)
.Poesia (Four verses)
.Frase (Free – short)
.Haikais (Free)
.Pensamento (Free – Short)
. Reflection (up to four rows)
“Literary Tea” – taste of friendship, of love aroma, served with delicious toasty warm breadsticks. His verses to warm the heart and our dreams.

  • Indicated against insomnia, stress, loneliness.

Hope for You!
Ma Socorro