Dear Me,

When you began Writing 101 you felt especially limited for blog topics to write about. While you were comfortable writing non-fiction pieces you never had a great deal of experience writing fictional pieces. Writing 101 challenged that aspect of your writing skills. You have the skills and the mindset to write fiction as you did in the IV part series you wrote but kind of shied away from that on your blog because it is harder and involves more thinking than simply writing down what happened or looking introspectfully. So, that turned out quite well but describing Ann according to the characteristics of David’s house didn’t quite work.

You also didn’t think you could write everyday. You thought that would be too much for your schedule. But surprisingly you found by the end of the course it was very doable to write a blog five sometimes six days a week. With that revelation came the thought your writing was improving as you went along meaning a lot of the silly grammatical errors and over used words you would choose to use at first became easier and easier to fix because you had practice at fixing those mistakes all week. You also rediscovered shorter sentence structure and parallel sentence structure, which would make your old English Professors happy.

One of the hardest things for you to do was to share personal, sometimes deeply personal facts about yourself with people you started to get to know in a way, through writing. But you soon found that it was easier to share these burdens so that other people could learn from them, then to keep them hidden. Writing has always been therepeutic for you but I think you have discovered through comments from strangers and friends alike how powerful a link writing can be between people. Keep trying on those fiction pieces and plan them out if you must.