The Hub Challenge #1: Dear Me

Dear Me

I am a passionate writer and this love of mine has helped me in discovering the new face of life. I have been writing for some time and the fact that English is my second language troubles me sometimes. But, then my love for writing overpowers my doubts and fears. English grammar still creates problem for me but again I think its not a big issue that cant be overcome. So, I love to write and share my thoughts with others. I still remember the time when I started to write my daily diary. Its been four years now and today I used to get embarrass upon those sentences which clearly depicts my horrible use of grammar.I still kept it. Moreover, I enjoy reading it because it clearly manifests the fact that how much my writing has evolved. I still cherished the moment when I received my first ever comment on my blog. It was simply inspiring. That gives me hope and that aspiration has forced me to express myself.

Would love to have your comments upon my writing style