I feel like I have so many great blogs to read now!  Thanks to everyone for agreeing to share your writing here.

I will try to contribute when I can.  I have just begun an online poetry class at my local university, so that is taking up much of my time.  I didn’t realize it would be so much work!  Since I am focusing lately on poetry, I thought I would share my most recent assignment.

breezes blowing leaves

tiny tornadoes of red and brown

the sun shone white light

on blue skies

warm southern autumn

sidewalk alive with life

moms push babes in strollers

gabbing girls and boisterous boys

run pass me

like rushing cars

squealing tires and crashing metal

break the normal day

two cars never meant to meet

beckon the shrill

yell of sirens

shouts erupt from the scene

a bleeding screaming

pistol waving crazy woman

the crowd fears

her violent revenge

shots fired at the man

in the crumpled car

cops racing to the scene

yelling drop the weapon


the crumpled car man groans

paramedics slice open his

crimson stained t-shirt

another hole in the heart

of this city that loves its guns