The Hub Challenge #1: Dear Me

The kickoff Hub challenge is designed to provide you with a chance to reflect on your growth as a writer as a result of your work in the Writing 101 course.  Before putting fingers to keys, begin my going back to re-read some of your early prompt responses from the first week of the course.  Then check out some of your more recent writing.  What do you notice?  Has your writing evolved?  What did you do well?  What do you wish you could scrap and do again?  What was hard for you?  What are you most proud of?  What do you never want to read again for as long as you live?  What is one revision away from Oprah’s bookshelf?

The Prompt – Write a letter to yourself reflecting on who you are as a writer.

The Twist – Choose one skill from the course that you really worked on and feature it in your letter (voice, tone, brevity, perspective, strong verbs, etc.)


*Note:  Challenges are completely voluntary.  If the prompt doesn’t speak to you, no worries.  Just keep doing your thing as a writer.  Challenges will be issued once a week and future prompts will spawn from the suggestions we’re collecting.  The challenge of the week will appear here at the top of the blog.  If you do attempt a response, post it on The Hub before October 28th.  And remember to ask for specific feedback.  Good luck.