The Writers’ Hub

Welcome to The Writers’ Hub – a recent spin-off of the Writing 101 September 2014 course.  If you’re here, it’s likely that you enjoyed your experience in the course and want to continue the connections you’ve built with other writers.

What you can expect from The Hub?

  • Periodic writing prompts in the vein of what we experienced in the Writing 101 course (once a week is the suggested frequency; more on this below)
  • A place to share your writing with the purpose of eliciting feedback that will help you grow as a writer
  • A place to offer feedback to other writers (the double bonus is that both people will grow from the exchange – a win/win)
  • A place to access and enjoy all kinds of writing

Suggested Guidelines (these are suggestions…not hard and fast rules)

  • Please only post writing on The Hub that you are seeking feedback on with the intent of making the piece better (again, in the vein of the Writing 101 course)
  • When posting a piece, please ask for specific feedback (something like – “I think my word choice is in need of a boost, do you have any ideas?” as opposed to – “Do you like it?”)
  • After reading someone’s piece, challenge yourself to do more than “like” it.  If you click like, then tell the author what you liked about it in a comment.  This helps everyone grow (you, the author, and the 3rd party readers).  If you have suggestions to make it better, that’s great too.  Don’t be afraid to offer a mixed review…that’s how we grow.
  • If someone has commented on your work, try to return the favor by reading a piece by that person and offering feedback.

And, of course, thanks for joining The Writers’ Hub.  We’re glad you’re here.  If you haven’t joined yet, add a comment to this thread indicating your interest and we’ll sign you up (there is no entrance exam – all are welcome).  The plan is to post a weekly prompt or challenge for writers in The Hub to tackle and eventually submit here for feedback.  If you have an idea for a prompt or challenge, please drop it in a comment in this thread.  Thank you.

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