A Little Unsteady

“If you can just stay awake, you’ll live,” said the voice, and I knew it to be true. These were the words I heard as the left side of my face slammed into the driver’s side door of my truck. Just seconds before, I had been traveling through the beautiful Cerbat Mountains, on my way home from an almost perfect day of school. Now, I was just another motorist involved in a highway accident, a victim, a statistic. How did I get here? And more importantly, why was I spared?

The above paragraph begins my journey back to the land of the writers; a place I so desperately want to reside.  The ‘Writer’s Hub’ qualifies and I am humbled to be included.

Although I missed the last week of class, it wasn’t my intention.  i am typing with only my right hand, as i sustained a fractured left wrist in the accident.  Yes, i was involved in a hideous rollover accident recently, and lived to tell the tale.  In fact, i even walked away from it.  i know the who, what, where, when, and how of the accident, its the why? im still grappling with.  that is where my writing comes in.

since writing has always been  my savior, of sorts, im hoping i can work through this phase in my life.  and since im left handed, and i fractured my left wrist, it looks as though i will be one-finger typing my journal entries along with my posts to writer’s hub.

i graciously accept the invitation to join and look forward to interacting with those writers i came to know and respect through our writing class.  i also look forward to interacting with many more.

about the first paragraph, that is all i have managed to put in writing about my accident thus far.  given time, i hope to complete the narrative.  however, it may take awhile as i have always believed that once i put it on paper, it is a truism and im not quite ready to accept that this ‘thing’ has happened to me.

thank you again for the invitation.  peace, victoria