My feelings on this writers…

My feelings on this writers hub is that at the core we are seeking prompts and feedback to our stories. In my mind,”The Daily Prompt” ( does the prompt part quite adequately, to which we apply what we learned in Writing 101. Then like we did in The Commons, we submit a link to our masterpieces here for review by a group of writers that we’ve gotten to know and went through the same process with, for the feedback part. It’s just an extension of what we had during the course that is now closed.

It doesn’t really need to have anyone facilitating any challenges for us to follow unless someone asks for an idea. If someone asks for collaboration, then you find who’s interested and go off on your own somewhere else to discuss the logistics, but are quite welcome to bring it back for feedback as it progresses.

The role of the administrators basically deals with membership joins and refereeing and content clean up in the case of any cat fights….mol.

Anyway, that’s my “what do I know” opinion 😉